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to the pages of Moravian music festival Pradeda Fest that is being held on last weekend of every August in Hustopece u Brna.


Pradeda Fest is a musical open air festival held in the end of August in Hustopece u Brna. The festival is situated in open-air amphitheatre at Krizovy kopec. Stars of world-wide recognition perform at the stage as well as bands of local significance. Fans of all music genres will be satisfied, Pradeda Fest supports alternative genres and beginning bands. Furthermore, Petr Kuchar holds FMX exhibition on the festival grounds during the festival.

The line-up offers almost 60 performers from all parts of Europe: 

PAROV STELAR BAND (AT), WALTARI (FIN), DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV (BiH), Buty, Visací Zámek, Sto Zvířat, Jiří Schmitzer, Midi Lidi, Dva, Sakumprásk, Final Fiction, Skrznaskrz, Poletíme?, Pop - Porn ....

MRK1 (UK), B–Complex (SK), Sayko, Josef Sedloň, X Morph, Sonority, Stanzim, Kapitán Demo, ...

Other activities include paintball, tea house, competitions, climbing wall and especially full time exhibition in Freestyle Motocross under the patronage of Czech´s best biker Petr Kuchar. The festival will be moderated by Tobi and Vladimir from Ceska televize´s show SABOTAZ.

Practical info:


Hustopece are located near highway from Brno to Bratislava. Since the Medieval times it has been an important trading and winegrowing center. The city square is dominated by the church of st. Vaclav and st. Anezka Ceska, built in the year 1994, and a neo-renaissance town hall. You can also visit exposition of winegrowing and history of the city in the renaissance gallery U Synku, summer music festivals Concentus Moraviae, Setkání při dechovce and for the third time also Pradeda Fest. More at maps.google.com

The festival takes place at Krizovy kopec in beautiful open-air amphitheatre. There will be well arranged orientation sings in the city that will direct you to the festival grounds.


The festival can be accessed only by journalists and photographers that received accreditation in advance. In can be gained by sending a request to pradeda@email.cz Write „AKREDITACE“as a subject of the email. We will offer accreditation only to those media that are promoting the festival before it is being held. There will be no exceptions and accreditations given during the festival. Tato adresa je chráněna proti spamování, pro její zobrazení potřebujete mít Java scripty povoleny


The security of visitors will be overseen by security agency. In the case of any problems please immediately contact a member of security or any of the promoters. The security will be inspecting belts, overseeing breaking of the rules and has the right to banish a visitor from the festival grounds.



Children under 12 years will receive a free admission in the company of parents. Please do not forget to bring an I.D. card (for example bus card, it will be checked when entering.



You can take the train from Brno to Breclav and take local train in Sakvice directly to Hustopece.
Highway D2 Brno - Bratislava – Exit 25 Hustopece


Illegal drugs are banned from the festival and so they cannot be brought the festival grounds. The area will be monitored by security agency.


Photographs and recording

Only photographers with accreditation are allowed to take photographs during the festival. Visitors are permitted to take photographs only with nonprofessional automatic cameras. Security agency will not allow anyone without press accreditation to enter the festival grounds with a professional camera or recording device. Every visitor gives his permission to the promoters to use his photos or other recordings to promote the festival.


Food stand

The festival grounds will be closed every morning for maintenance and preparations of following performances. In order to allow you to continue with entertainment, there is going to be a non-stop opened food stand accessible to visitors in the borders of festival grounds and camping grounds, where you can buy food all the time even when the festival grounds are closed. Breakfast menu is also available.


Visitor identification

Every visitor will receive an identification wrist bracelet after he presents himself with a ticket, which allows him to enter the festival grounds and raise a tent in the sleeping area. Visitors are obliged to present themselves with the identification bracelet during every entry to the festival grounds, as well as random checks during the festival. Without the identification bracelet (cases of loss included), visitors will not be allowed to enter or they may be taken out of the festival grounds by security agency.


There is a beautiful swimming pool located in Hustopece that is opened for public every day.



Sufficient number of bars and stands with all kinds of food (vegetarian included) or drinks will be placed all around the festival grounds.



Due to the forbiddance of cards entering the festival grounds there is going to be a partially guarded parking space in the nearest possible distance and it will be marked correctly. The capacity will be limited so we recommend you to use train or bus transportation. We do not take responsibility for things in the car. It is not allowed to raise a tent in the area of parking space.



You should leave you four-legged friends at home. Noise, dust and large number of people will not make them feel comfortable and so you will not be admitted to the festival grounds with them.


Camping grounds

Camping in the camping grounds is reserved only for visitors of the festival, it is free and the grounds are partially guarded. It is strictly forbidden to make a fire, use cookers with open flame and manipulate with flammable objects including fireworks. All trash is to be thrown into bins and containers.

It is not possible to bring a car into the camping grounds and the promoter does not take responsibility for the lost property. We recommend not to leave valuable items in the tents unattained. Non-stop depository where you can store your property for the whole weekend with a small fee will be available to the visitors.

Camping grounds are accessible from Friday, August 27. 10:00AM until Sunday, August 29. 3:00PM.

Hustopece also offer high number of various other possibilities; hotels, boarding houses, hostels or camps.


Toilets and drinking water

The grounds will be prepared so that it is possible to access mobile toilets and a tank with clear water at any time.



Non-stop opened depository will be placed in the area between festival and camping grounds, where it will be possible to store valuable items and bicycles for a small fee. It will also serve as a food stand in early morning hours, where you will be able to buy food even when the festival grounds are closed. Breakfast menu is also available.



Besides seeing multi-genre music performances you can also visit tea house, play Paintball, see freestyle bike show on Saturday, participate in competitions, buy something tasty or just enjoy yourselves during the festival.



It is strictly forbidden to enter the festival grounds with any glass bottles, cans, flammables, weapons, psychotropic substances, dangerous objects, fireworks, open fire, laser pointers, recording devices (see Photographs and recording section) and own refreshments beside water.


Health service

Health service will be present at the festival grounds in properly marked tent. You can visit it in case of any health problems.


Losses and finds

In case of any loss or find please address the information stand or promoters. If you want to report a loss, it is necessary to give a direct description of lost item and also present yourself with identity card, passport of driver´s license. When collecting it, you have to accurately describe the item and present yourself with an I.D. card.



The festival will go on even if it is raining cats and dogs :) The area will be properly roofed so the entertainment can continue despite the rain. R1 stage and My Garden stage are located in tents.



Advance sale of tickets for Pradeda Fest 2010 is possible on webs of TICKETSTREAM and TICKETPORTAL, EVENTIM.

The price of valid two-day tickets in Euros:

 1. 2. 2010 – 31. 3. 2010: 12 €

1. 4. 2010 – 30. 6. 2010: 14 €

1. 7. 2010 – 14. 8. 2010: 16 €

15. 8. 2010 – 25. 8. 2010: 18 €

on the spot (for both days): 22 €
on the spot (for one day): 15 € 

Prices include VAT.
Prices of sellers may differ due to different commissions of sellers. The number of tickets is not limited. Tickets for one day are available only on the spot on current day.




Owners of ISIC, ALIVE and ITIC cards can receive 2 € discount when buying at TICKETSTREAM a TICKETPORTAL.


The end of summer? I visit Pradeda!